General information

We are able to offer people an alternative form of expedition that differs from the classic form of sightseeing and short trips so often associated with tourist visits to Egypt.  The trips and expeditions we offer stay away from the areas of mass tourism, crowded tourist sites and are constructed to satisfy the requirements of the group or the individual.

The expeditions we undertake will offer the visitor a chance to visit the remote locations within this desert world that are not always shown in the guidebooks and will show the unique appearance of the desert oases along with a chance to view and experience the traditions and cultures of the various peoples that inhabit these remote locations.

Expeditions to places such as the `Uwaynat Desert', `Gilf Kebir' and the `Great Sand Sea' allow people to throw down a gauntlet against the power of the Natural World.  People who are prepared to undertake these journeys understand that upon leaving the land of humans for the Kingdom of the Sahara they are entering a land controlled by unpredictable and sometimes merciless forces.

During the safari's we undertake, there are no heroes, all participants help each other to enable a healthy and trouble free adventure.

Hope to see you on the desert road!

Mariusz Budek

Egyptian Sahara Group & Libyan Sahara Stars