...the land was also divided between the east as the land of the living and the west -the land of the dead, the Western Desert over which the sun set each night represented the entrance to the underworld...

The legends still motivate us to explore and start new expeditions into unknown.  The Sahara will forever remain as a place full of legends and mystery.  Without doubt the Sahara has an influence on people souls and minds and it is the invisible border between the worlds, both the known and the hidden.

What would the Sahara be without its secrets and legends?


"Sahara - ...not empty, but full-full of men and legends, full of sand and stone, full of wind that scours and sudden savage storms, full of relics from the dim recesses of the human imagination, full of creatures frequently deadly."

"Sahara - ...a vision of Hell, a land that has incurred the wrath of God, an appropriate home for devils and spirits and for the black-clad men who served them."