Fong Yun Hian

Dear Mr. Budek,

It was such a great experience going out on my first safari tour in Egypt with you. Everything was so well organized and the trip went very smooth even through we were only out for a four days three nights trip, we managed to visit so many interesting places. Everything in the desert were very good (my favorite word of express my feeling was that everything's were so fantastic) especially the desert food, I must said that I missed them very much.

I was still dreaming of laying down on a map in Roman position watching all the sparkling stars in the sky. It was such a wonderful experience that I would never forget and looking forward for my second safari trip with you soonest. Definitely I will be bringing my family down to Cairo in the month of November 2006 for another safari trip with you.

Many thanks for organizing such a wonderful safari package for me.


Best regards,
Fong Yun Hian from Malaysia