Unique art of the Egyptian Oases

The desert has always inspired people.  The landscape of  the desert has fascinated and created images and symbols in the minds of those who travel throughout the regions and the inhabitants of oases.  For some, the desert  is only a barren land filled with sand and rocks, but for  others the place is full of symbols, legends and mysteries, perfect for meditation, spiritual and artistic inspiration for which the world is surely more mysterious and amazing than for people who only spend their lives in cities.

Desert art is an image of the perceived environment within the eyes of the inhabitants of this wilderness.

Of all the artists working in the Western Desert in Egypt the most famous one Badr Abd El-Moghny, my friend, is based in the Farafra Oasis.  Besides the traditional form of art he creates using the different materials found within the surrounding desert, he is also a pioneer in working with palm tree wood, pieces of rock and using the various colours of sand.

His pictures and paintings are strongly influenced by the mystery and the beauty of the surrounding landscape and show many aspects of the lives of these simple desert people, including their traditions, rituals, sadness, happiness, dreams and concerns.

The unique form of his art,  coming out from the specific union of human feelings and the power of  desert nature, is simple and direct in its form but at the same time it is highly original.  

Mariusz Budek




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