,,We have to be very and very grateful to Mariusz and to his Egyptian Sahara company; with his patience, his contacts and his perfect organization, he allowed us to realize our hopes to see the El Alamein battlefields, studied for many years; until you dont go there, you cannot feel what was really that war. The trips on the battlefields of our fathers stired up unusual emotions"

STEFANO ROSSI- historian and writer, Italy



,,Dear Mariusz. Our vacation in Egypt has been much more than ,, a travel in the desert"; it was a genuine ,,desert experience"! I would like to thank you and your staff for the perfect organization, the excellent company and the riches meals. I hope to have a future opportunity to return with you to the desert. Kind regards. Luca"



,,El Alamein November 2007; a fantastic and unique experience...Thanks!!!"


It is an unique experience, where visitor is blessed with sun and sand, purifying the spirit and soul with so much beauty ever dreamed by the human eye. Attached to the wonderful landscape and the mighty majesty of the desert is the incomparable organization, experience, dedication and knowledge that our friend Mariusz Budek prints to every second of the trip. This beauty let you speechless and takes your breath away. CONGRATULATIONS.

I will always thanks you and to God for such amazing, wonderful and unique experience. God bless you.

Kindest Regards,
Militza Lobaton from Venezuela

Es una experiencia unica, donde el visitante es bendecido con sol y arena, purificando el espiritu y alma ante tanta belleza jamas inmaginada por el ojo humano.  Unido al maravilloso paisaje y la imponente majestuosidad del desierto esta la incomparable organizacion, experiencia, dedicacion y conocimiento que nuestro amigo Mariusz Budek imprime a cada segundo del viaje. Ante tanta belleza se pierde el habla y hasta el aliento. FELICITACIONES


Dear Mr. Budek,

It was such a great experience going out on my first safari tour in Egypt with you. Everything was so well organized and the trip went very smooth even through we were only out for a four days three nights trip, we managed to visit so many interesting places. Everything in the desert were very good (my favorite word of express my feeling was that everything's were so fantastic) especially the desert food, I must said that I missed them very much.

I was still dreaming of laying down on a map in Roman position watching all the sparkling stars in the sky. It was such a wonderful experience that I would never forget and looking forward for my second safari trip with you soonest. Definitely I will be bringing my family down to Cairo for another safari trip with you.

Many thanks for organizing such a wonderful safari package for me.

Best regards,
Fong Yun Hian from Malaysia



Its Andy & Joolie here, we are now back home in a very wet & cold England! We got back here in the early hours of 31 Dec.

This is just a brief email to let you know that we really apreciated all of your efforts on our trip, we had an exceptionally wonderful, fantastic, brilliant time with you, words cannot describe it.

Also give our heartfelt thanks to Gamel & Goma (& Mohammed) & tell them how much we enjoyed the trip.
Your knowledge of the desert & organisation for this self drive trip by us, was unbelievable, especially as you hadn't undertaken such a trip with a group in thier own cars from England, It started with you helping to sort the border formalities on entry, right through the trip down to the Gilf Kebir and then finally delivering us safely back to Saloom via The Great Sand Sea for our long drive back to England
We were very sad on our last night in the desert just outside Siwa, we just didnt want the experience to end.

You & your team made such a magical place as the deep desert even more special. I wish you all the best for the future in your explorations, and can assure you that we WILL return for more of your excellent company.

Thank you once again for the best experience of our lives.

Andy & Joolie White


Well, once again we want to say a BIG thankyou for organising another wonderful trip to the Gilf & Karkur Talh with you and your excellent 'crew'.


As you know we decided to return for another of your expeditions this year, after such a successful trip with you last December, however, to allow us more time (a full month) in Egypt we shipped our cars from the UK as none of us, (Roman & Ewa, who also came last year, Stephen, Jonni and Joolie & myself), could get the time off work needed for the long drive accross Tunisia & Libya, and then back again afterwards , so we then flew in to Cairo where you met us.


We had some problems when arriving to collect the cars as the UK shipping agent had sent them to the wrong port!! This did delay our start into the desert, but we would never have got our cars & into the desert without the help of you, your wife Wafaa and brothers in law Ramadan & Mohammed.  I would like again thank them all again for help & their assistance which was  far Beyond The Call Of Duty, also for your organising a flat for us in Cairo & you making us feel so welcome in your house whilst things were being sorted out ( I hope your daughter Farida isnt missing us too much!!)

Anyway after hastily rearranging the permits which involved Ramadan getting a bus (18hour journey if i remember correctly), to Kargha oasis, we finally headed off from Cairo in the early morning, arriving at Dakhla that evening ready for the Deep Desert.


The skill & expertise of you & your desert drivers, Gamal & Goma was, as last year, legendary and you safely led us South to Karkur Talh via the eastern Gilf & Gebel Kamil and then back North accross the Gilf Kebir Plateau & through the Great Sand Sea to Siwa, up to Alex to leave our cars for shipping home (organised this time so efficiently by Wafaa & Ramadan, not the UK company we used to come out), and back to Cairo for a couple of days before we had to (unfortunately) fly home.


The discoveries of amazing Rock Art in the new cave (we named Wadi Budek)  and the off the beaten track areas of Karkur Talh were absolutely fantastic, as was so much else about the trip.

Every single day I woke up wondering how we could possibly better the previous day.


We are certainly hooked on the Egyptian Deserts and all it (and you) can offer, the memories will stay with us for ever.


We definately highly reccommend you and your company to anybody contemplating an expedition in Egypt, and I will be returning as soon as possible in the New Year.


Thankyou again,


Andy & Joolie White.



            EXPEDITION OCTOBER 2009


Jonni & Stephen would like to thank you for organising a brilliant and safe trip to the Gilf & Karkur Talh also including thanks to your wife Wafaa and brothers in law Ramadan & Mohammed also drivers Gamal & Goma.


The idea for renting an apartment in Cairo was another excellent suggestion from Mariusz and as it turned out saved a lot of money because of the delays we faced in getting our vehicles – the ship was 5 days late and was sent to the wrong port by our shipper(despite them knowing which port to send it to).


Once we had the vehicles and the revised permits which involved Ramadan doing a marathon bus journey to Kargha oasis then another bus to Dakhla to met us with the permits, we headed into the desert, with all the previous week frustrations evaporating within the first day.


Following the Pharaonic Trail - Cheops/Redjedef's Water Mountain and Abu Ballas or ‘Pottery Hill’ we headed deep into the western desert towards Gilf Kebir, visiting the 'Mud Lions' remains of an ancient lake bed. It didn't take long before we came across WW II relics of the LRDG activities and our first cave paintings at Magharet el Kantara. We then visited 8 Bells, the name is literary spelt out very large in the sand with sand filled fuel containers, so the WW II pilots could see from afar. As this was also the infamous site for the recent kidnapping incident we moved on quickly. Safety was high on Mariusz's priorities and we employed various tactics to keep safe, especially at night.


The next day we came across ancient stone tools, these have previously being re-arranged (so according to K Kuper, “the page of history has been ripped out of the book”....a few others were also found but I had to touch, knowing that I was probably the first human to touch this stone since the last owners.... these were left where I found them.


After a night in a very secluded camp we headed south to Karkur Talh and the next day Mariusz took us to the well known cave sites...... and in the afternoon we explored a wadi on foot and after around 3 Km we 'found' two caves with some of the best art work I have ever seen (As it turns out these were discovered by some Belgium's in 1968).


We were only able to stay here for the day due to the shorted trip caused by the earlier problems, we left and headed North, back to Gilf Kebir, passing and exploring a cluster of meteorite craters. We passed a couple of WW II vehicles, before heading into Wadi Sura and the famous swimmers cave.

After another very secretive camp we headed to the 'New' Wadi Sura and the exceptional cave paintings. These were were at the time of our visit, in the process of being surveyed by a team led by Professor K Kuper – the cave has been 'lasered' and the whole cave photographed so a 3D model can be created and a complete record, before any further deterioration.  These were superb but did not quite match the Karkur Talh cave we found.  We headed for Aqaba pass exploring a unnamed wadi on the way and found a cave with a few cave paintings(so far these don't seem to have been recorded by the smugglers who have previously camped there... now know as 'Waffers' cave in 'Wadi Budek'). By the end of the day we were on the top of Aqaba pass in the dark after fighting with the very soft sand (tire pressures down to 10 pounds).


The next day we crossed stony ground, passing superb views over desert to the south were we have just travelled. We were heading to a very narrow and steep sandy pass which drops down to Wadi Hamra. Dropping down into the wadi we were greeted with green plants ( admittedly not like England, but not seeing green plants for 8/9 days they stood out).


From Wadi Hamra we headed North into the Great Sand Sea, although not as soft as I imagined it would be, it was great to be engulfed by a 'proper desert'. Through the crossing of the sand sea, we came across the famous jewel of the sahara... 'Silica Glass'.   Gamal, Mariusz's driver found a large piece of glass 2-3Kg!!! This was subsequently hidden so with a GPS point so they can 'find' it again on subsequent trips.


We finally ended on the outskirts of Siwa at the at a 'Hot spring' the first bath for three weeks... after relaxing 2hours we head to our accommodation in the town of Siwa and back to civilisation.


From here we headed quickly to Alexandria to drop our cars off in the capable hands of Ramadan to be shipped back to England.


An excellent trip and again thanks to our friends Mariusz and team.


Stephen & Jonni





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